Waterman 12 1/2 Eyedropper – Good Flex (SOLD)


Waterma 12 1/2 Eyedropper – Good Flex (On Ebay)

This Waterman 12 1/2 eyedropper is in good condition. There is some minor fading to the black hard rubber making it appear a dark brown. The gold filled bands are in good condition, but the back band does have a few small spots of brassing. The imprints very crisp and there was no original chasing on the pen. There are a few tiny chips out the the lip of the cap maybe a millimeter. Very small. The 14kt. #2 Waterman nib is a soft and smooth writing XF. The flex on this was kind of difficult for me to judge. These pens are quite petite and that affects the feel of the flex. Many would call this nib a semi-flex. The reason I have graded it higher is because it has a nice spring to it. Not soft enough to be a super flex but good enough for me to grade it as a  “good flex” nib.

SIZE:  4 5/8″ Capped

NIB: Waterman #2, XF to BBB (0.3mm-1.6mm),  GOOD FLEX (See “Grading Flex Nibs” for How I Grade)

FILLING: Eyedropper


Restration Work:

  • Pen thoroughly cleaned & flushed
  • Nib polished and tuned to write smoothly
  • Nib and feed cleaned and adjusted for optimal flow
  • Clip cleaned and polished
  • Test driven for a week to insure quality

IMG_8401 IMG_8404 IMG_8402 IMG_8406 IMG_8407 IMG_8439

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