Our Adoption

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Well, here he is. The reason behind Willowstrong Pens. Our family has been on a 7 year journey to adopt a child and the long journey is about to give way to a new one. In a little over a week (Feb 1, 2017), my wife and I will depart to Addis Ababa , Ethiopia to bring home our new son: Tomas Daniel Strong.


Tomas is 10 years old and has pretty severe autism. At the age of six he was found in a field utterly abandoned by all, and since he is non-verbal, he had no name, no family, and no definite age. In Ethiopia, such a child has no future and no hope. Nevertheless, he is a beautiful boy with large brown eyes, an eager smile, and a love of people.


We are honored that God has given us this beautiful boy. We have a 13 year old son with autism and know that this new journey will be fraught with many hard things. And yet we also know that such a journey in the end is always worth the struggle. Love does not blossom spontaneously no matter what the romantics tell us. It is a seed born by choice and watered with tears. We have chosen, now let the love grow.


Now that our adoption is coming to an end, the need to raise money is not as urgent. But there is still a need. Thankfully, we live in one of the best states for autism: Indiana. Tomas will be getting intensive ABA therapy 5 days a week hopefully starting on March 1, 2017. There are also the additional expenses of adding another person to our family. And so Willowstrong Pens will live on for as long as it is needed. From time to time I will try to post updates if you are interested in following us along the way.

Thank You:

Thank you to all of my customers past, present and future. I hope I have provided a good service, and in return know that you have helped provide a orphan child a home, a family, and a brighter future.