Mabie Todd Swan GF with Over/Under Feed – Wet Noodle

Mabie Todd Swan GF with Over/Under Feed – Wet Noodle

Here is a gorgeous made in New York Mabie Todd Swan eyedropper with a beautiful gold-filled overlay. Overall, the pen is in great condition. There is no brassing on the overlay and capped looks like a little used pen. The imprints are gorgeous and there is no personalization. There is a little scratching on the end of the barrel where the cap was posted, and there is a lot of scratching (but still no brassing) on the section from the cap being taken on an off. The cap fits very snuggly. Like it’s not coming off without a firm tug. In fact, it might be a little too snug, but is best uncapped by twisting the cap while you pull. The 14kt. Swan #2 is a beautifully soft and smooth writing XF. My original test was on paper that had some hand oil on it which is why I originally had it as an XXF.  The flex comes very easily with excellent responsiveness. The range is excellent going up to BBB (1.6mm), and the feed is plenty wet. It’s a gem of a nib that both writes beautifully and has fantastic flex action.


SIZE:  5 3/16″ Capped

NIB: 14kt. Mabie Todd “Swan” #2 , XF to BBB (0.3mm – 1.6mm)  WET NOODLE

FILLING: Eye Dropper

CONDITION: Excellent

Restration Work:

  • Pen thoroughly cleaned & flushed
  • Nib polished and tuned to write smoothly
  • Nib and feed ultrasonically cleaned, heat set, and adjusted for optimal flow
  • Base crack on nib welded 
  • Test driven for a week to insure quality



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