A.A. Waterman Eyedropper – Super Flex/Wet Noodle (SOLD)

A.A. Waterman Eyedropper – Super Flex/Wet Noodle (On Ebay)

Here is a very interesting A.A. Waterman middle joint eyedropper (meaning the section screws out at the band and not lower near the like traditional eyedroppers) that is likely from mid-1910s. A.A. Waterman was a quality pen manufacturer that faded out in the 1920s. It is in overall good condition. The black hard rubber has faded to a dark brown. The imprint is worn and just barely readable. The band has a little bit of brassing on some edges. There is also a hint of a bend on the bottom section likely due to being exposed to excessive heat, but you probably wouldn’t even notice it unless you were examining it closely. The nib is not original, but it is lovely. It’s a 14kt. Aikin Lambert #2 of the same era. It is a lovely writing wet and stubbish XF. It’s just really hard to find nibs that write like this any more. And the nib has some superb flex going from 0.3mm to 1.7mm (XF-near BBB). This nib is really on the border of being a “wet noodle.” It’s soft and  it’s responsive. The only issue is that it will railroad occasionally. On the sample, for example, it probably railroaded 4 times. Nothing major, just not as “wet” as most “wet noodles.”

SIZE:  5 1/4″ Capped

NIB: 14kt. Aikin Lambert #2, XF to BB (0.3mm-1.7mm),  SUPER FLEX/WET NOODLE (See “Grading Flex Nibs” for How I Grade)

FILLING: Eyedropper


Restration Work:

  • Pen thoroughly cleaned & flushed
  • Nib polished and tuned to write smoothly
  • Nib and feed cleaned and adjusted for optimal flow
  • Clip cleaned and polished
  • Test driven for a week to insure quality


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