Aikin Lambert Eyedropper – Wet Noodle (SOLD)


Aikin Lambert Eyedropper – Wet Noodle (To Purchase See Here)

Aikin Lambert was a quality pen maker that was eventually bought out by Waterman. This pen, however, would far predate that buyout. This is an early 1900s eyedropper in BCHR. The pen is in fair condition with a couple of exceptions. The BCHR is in pretty good condition. It is still pretty black, though the cap is faded more to a darker brown. The chasing and imprints are still very crisp. The cap fits snuggly on the pen, but I am pretty sure it is no original to the pen. Still it works just like the original would have. Also the gold filled repousse band on the back end of the barrel is split though it feels firmly secured to the barrel. There is little to no brassing on either band. This pen is equipped with a fairly rare Aikin Lambert hopeless nib with the air hole located in the feed. This nib is a very soft, paint brush wet noodle. It’s range may not be huge, but it takes almost no pressure to get the nib to flex. Due to this softness and, for me at least, how thin the section feels in my hands, it is a bit more difficult to control. Probably not the best nib for a beginner. It writes normally as a very wet XF and flexes to 1.6mm. A great example of a very old well made eyedropper. (To Purchase See Here)

SIZE:  5 3/8″ Capped

NIB: Aikin Lambert 14kt., XF-BB (0.3mm-1.6mm)  WET NOODLE (See “Grading Flex Nibs” for How I Grade)



Restration Work:

  • Pen thoroughly cleaned & flushed
  • Trim polished up
  • Nib polished and tuned to write smoothly
  • Nib and feed adjusted for optimal flow
  • Test driven for a week to insure quality

20161129_130728 20161129_130751 20161129_130742 20161129_130819 20161129_130829 20161129_130935

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