Waterman 14 PSF – Super Flex (SOLD)


Waterman 14 PSF – Super Flex  (On Ebay)

This is a very nice Waterman 14 PSF (the predecessor to the 54). The pen is in good condition. The BCHR has faded to a dark brown but it is pretty uniform. The chasing is worn but still has a little texture. The imprints are also worn a bit but are clearly readable. The nickel-lated lever is in great condition with no visible plate loss, and the clip has a bit of plate wear but is in overall good condition. The 14kt. Waterman #4 is a nice very smooth writing F. It does have abrasions to the top of the nib, but it does not affect the performance (just appearance). The flex on this is smooth and easy. Almost wet noodle caliber. If it had a bit better responsiveness, it might have graded as a wet noodle. It was a little finicky about ink. Some of my Diamine inks railroaded quite a bit in in. But more lubricated and saturated inks like the Sailor ink I used or Pilot Iroshizuku inks flowed beautifully. Even Noodlers Black Swan, which can be a temperamental ink, flowed great in it. Not sure what the issue was with the Diamine inks.

SIZE:  5 1/8″ Capped

NIB: Waterman #4, F to BBB (0.4mm-2.3mm),  SUPER FLEX (See “Grading Flex Nibs” for How I Grade)



Restration Work:

  • Pen thoroughly cleaned & flushed
  • Nib polished and tuned to write smoothly
  • Nib and feed ultrasonically cleaned and adjusted for optimal flow
  • Trim polished
  • New sac installed
  • Test driven for a week to insure quality


IMG_8131 IMG_8133 IMG_8132 IMG_8134 IMG_8138 IMG_8135

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