Waterman 12 Red Mottled – SUPER FLEX (SOLD)


Waterman 12 Red Mottled – SUPER FLEX  (On Ebay)

Here is a Waterman 12 Red mottled eyedropper with patent dates of 1884 and 1898 placing this before 1903 (the next patent date). This hundred plus year pen is still in very good condition. There is one side of the cap that has a bit of fading (which you can only see if you look closely); otherwise, this is still a shiny red mottled pen. The one flaw is that there was a small crack in the lip of the cap. I sealed it with the best adhesive I know of for hard rubber, and you probably could find with magnification. However, this is a slip cap and could easily be cracked back open if pushed on too hard. The imprints on the pen are very good. The 14kt. #2 Waterman nib is a super flex nib that writes normally as a Fine/ Medium (0.5mm). To me it feels more like a fine than a medium. It’s wet but not excessively so. The nib flexes with ease up to 2.0mm and has some good responsiveness.

SIZE:  5 1/4″ Capped

NIB: Waterman #2, M to BBB (0.5mm-2.0mm),  SUPER FLEX (See “Grading Flex Nibs” for How I Grade)

FILLING: Eye-Dropper

CONDITION: Excellent

Restration Work:

  • Pen (barrel, section, nib, feed, & cap) thoroughly cleaned & flushed
  • Nib polished and tuned to write smoothly
  • Inside of barrel thoroughly cleaned.
  • Nib and feed ultrasonically cleaned and adjusted for optimal flow
  • Test driven for a week to insure quality

IMG_6893 IMG_6895 IMG_6894 IMG_6897 IMG_6898 IMG_6901


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